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  • GOLD  1,841.12  
  • SILVER  24.11  
  • PLATINUM  923.53  
  • PALLADIUM  2115.36  

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Leading the Industry in Precious Metals Services since 1982.

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Our customer base and clientele has remained loyal and satisfied with the services GST provides.

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Our melt / assay process takes about 20 minutes and done while you watch.


We aim for the most transparent, trustworthy and personalized transactions in the business.

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GST chooses dedicated employees who exhibit professionalism and mirror his ability to value the customers.

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We have been leading the industry with our top of line technology, traditional processes and environmental consciousness.

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What We Do

We pay Top Prices for your precious metals! Gold & Silver Traders have professional experts that can test and evaluate the value of your precious metals.  


Scrap Metals, Karat Bars, Thermocouple Wire, Petro Chremical Labware, Silver, Platinum, Sweeps, Buffing Dust

Buy. Sell. Trade.

Gold, Platinum, Silver, Ruthenium, Palladium, Exotic Metals

Coin, Bars and Grain

We are here to satisfy all of your needs for coins, bars, and grains. All top brands and metals are on hand in our vault!

Our Customer Say

Advertisement of GST and its quality of customer service is not necessary as the word of mouth by customers has engulfed local and national gold dealers, pawn shop owners, jewelers, jewelry shop owners, watch makers, coin collectors, and has reached several international companies attention.

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